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Greetings to Our Campers!

It’s been a long winter.  Anybody else have cabin fever?  We do!  We are just as excited to open the campground as you all are.  Check out the rest of the website!   A lot of pictures have been added.  Please feel free to E-Mail us pictures, so we have a good variety of fun activity going on that we might miss.  If not used on the website, we make collages and hang in the lodge.  They are very entertaining to look at. You can E-MAIL me at terribaker2@gmail.com.   Make your reservations (BY PHONE!)  early.  The holiday weekends are filling up fast.  We are so grateful for all the permanent campers that are here.  You’re all so special.  It’s fun to see so many people from all over the place congregate and build friendships.  Welcome all new people coming in, including weekenders. Everyone is special to us.

                                                              -Terri Baker

 Campground History

1984 – Skip Baker foresees  a campground at the present day location of Skip-A-Way Resort & Campground along the Turkey River.  Thoughts were to make it a weekend hobby.  People might want to stay there when they visited people in Clermont, Iowa.

1986 – Skip and his wife, Bev, bought the land.  Using their backs and a bulldozer, they developed the river area with roads, a small bath house and seven camping sites.  Starting with a goal of 20 campers per week, the Bakers hosted a total of 19 campers the whole year.

1986 – 1800s log cabin found on a farm near Clermont inside of a house.  It was dismantled by Skip, his sons, sons-in-law and grandsons.  They carefully numbered the logs and rebuilt it on the Skip-A-Way site.   It is now rented to guests.  Many  families enjoy the experience of living in the small space their forefathers lived in and raised families.

1995 – Skip and Bev bought the 18-acre lake and area surrounding it, which had been a former sand and gravel quarry.  The lake is now used for fishing, swimming, and paddleboating.  In recent years, Skip-A-Way has hosted the Mississippi Blackhawks ski show.  See our schedule of events for show times.

1996 – Quarry lodge opened on July 3, 1996.  It overlooks beautiful Quarry Lake, and houses a full service restaurant, bar, bathrooms, laundry, game room, and screen-in patio. Because the restaurant is open on Sundays, it has become popular with both campers and local residents alike.  The restaurant contains an office and snack bar and is open from 7 am to 10 pm every day.  It is closed in January and February.  The lodge serves home-cooked foods and local produce whenever possible.  It is best known for real mashed potatoes, homemade pies, soups and the seasoning used on their meat and potatoes.  Rhubarb and custard pies are the most popular.

1998 – The pavilion was built for campers and has become a popular facility to host reunions.  The pavilion building also houses the tube room – the tubes are rented for use on the Turkey River.  In 1998,  the miniature golf course was also added.  Designed by Dan Berger, the course has proved a favorite past time among campers of all ages. The beach has been a great attraction at our campground.  The swim area in the lake is free to campers and a small fee to locals.

1999 – The lodge was enlarged with the addition of a party room, living quarters for Skip and Bev and a screen porch.

2000 – Kitchen was enlarged. Sites are now at 150.

Spring 2003 – Launch of Skip-A-Way website.

2004 – Old barn was moved to the resort and restored. On weekends,  a local farmer brings a Brown Swiss cow and calves for children to see.

2005 – There are now 172 campsites and a mobile home living area called Quarry Heights.  15 people are employed at the restaurant and another 5 at the resort.

Fall 2005 – Skip-A-Way Founders Skip & Bev Baker sell the popular northeast Iowa resort to son and daughter-in-law, Steve and Terri Baker.

Summer 2008 – Major flooding hits large portions of Iowa.  The Turkey River rises out of its bed to devastate the Skip-A-Way Campground.  With a lot of work and effort, the campground is back and running that same summer and better than it was before.  Campsites increased for a total of 180.  The flood was a chance to update the bathhouse, increase the size of the game room,  seal-coat roads, and update a majority of the sites  to 50 amp power.

Summer 2009 – New bathhouse installed.

Summer 2010 – Upgraded cabin.
Summer 2012 – Pergola (beer garden) built.

Summer 2015 – Splash pad installed. Added kayak rentals.

Summer 2016 – New sites installed. Cow tank boats added.

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